Annual tickets

These are valid for one year from the date of the registration of the right to travel. We distinguish two types of these cards, the worker’s ticket and the one for people over the age of 65, which is issued depending on the amount of income.

Worker’s annual ticket

Prices of the workers’ annual tickets

1 zone 445,02 €
2 zones 599,64 €
3 zones 756,39 €
4 zones 909,42 €

65+ annual tickets

These are issued in the name of a natural person and can be purchased by all persons over 65 years of age who have registered temporary and permanent residences in the towns: Rijeka, Opatija, Bakar, Kastav and Kraljevica, and the municipalities: Čavle, Jelenje, Klana, Viškovo, Kostrena, Matulji, Lovran and Mošćenička Draga.
The price is set out in four categories depending on the level of income, an income review.

Prices of 65+ annual tickets

review of 0 – 2,000 kn 13,27 €
review of 2,000.01 – 3,000 kn 39,82 €
review of 3,000.01 – 4,000 kn 66,36 €
review of 4,000.01 kn + 92,91 €

Subsidised annual ticket

Primary and secondary school pupils and students and unemployed persons are entitled to a subsidised annual bus pass to the amount of 100% on the basis of the following conditions: income, social special conditions, bodily injury and blood donation specified in a decision, approval or judgement issued by the City Administration Department for Health and Social Welfare, in accordance with the Social Welfare Act and the Decision about the Social Welfare of towns and municipalities in whose territory the Carrier performs transport services.

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